Program Updates for OneMedForum

The 8th Annual OneMedForum reports new features for its January conference. In addition to a central and spacious venue at the Marriott Marquis, OneMedForum continues to develop some key programs to strengthen its capital raising platforms and business development. Presenting public and private companies will have the opportunity to participate in the following approaches:

Public Companies and Institutional Investors. OneMedMarket recently signed a strategic partnership with IssuWorks. Founded by former NASDAQ vice chair David Weild, IssuWorks uses data mining technology to help public companies reach institutional investors by delivering focused content (digital video captured at the conference) to targeted and appropriate institutions. This is a significant advance for small and microcap companies looking to build the right institutional investor following. Content will be streaming and archived for investors on an expanded OneMedTV platform.

Private Companies and Direct Investor Introductions.  In recent years the conference has built a database of investors with a profile of their specific investment interests. Meetings with prospective partners and investors are critical for a successful event. OneMedMarket staff will send presenting company profiles directly to appropriate investors to facilitate introductions as well as attendance at company presentations in advance of the conference.

All Companies and China Partners. As result of four successful China Forums at past conferences, OneMedMarket has built a group of organizations in China that represent numerous strategic investors looking to license, invest or acquire technology. A significant delegation is planning to attend. The effort will be to make matches for companies at OneMedForum in San Francisco and Shanghai in March 2015.

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