[Quick Take] Interview with Jeff Howell, VP of Business Development at HealthTronics

HealthTronics offers diagnostic and therapeutic solutions to physicians, hospitals, surgery centers and clinics with a product portfolio that includes lithotripters and surgical lasers for treatment of BPH and stones, and anatomical pathology services.

With the largest fleet of lithotripsy systems, and a host of minimally invasive urological services and products serving a network of more than 3,000 physicians, HealthTronics is one of the leading providers of urological services and products in the U.S.

In its most recent quarter, the Austin, TX-based company reported a profit of $452,000 (compared with a loss of $30,000 for the same quarter last year) on revenues of $33.9 million, up from the $32.7 million reported in Q1 2007.

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