Reimbursement for Glucose Device So Far a Go

The Centers for air max 270 pas cher Medicare and Medicaid on Friday issued a positive preliminary decision for DexCom to develop a Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System for its devices. The codes are necessary for processing health insurance claims. The company expects a final decision to be published in late October or early November; if CMS decides in DexCom’s favor, the codes will go into effect January 1, 2008. The air max 270 pas cher DexCom product most immediately affected by the decision will be its STS Sensor, for glucose monitoring.

The STS Sensor is inserted under the skin by the patient, and held in place by an adhesive. Once inserted, the device begins continuously monitoring glucose and wirelessly transmitting data to a hand-held receiver. The user is able to obtain a glucose reading with the push of a button; an alert sounds when a high or low glucose excursion is detected. Each STS Sensor provides up to 72 hours of continuous monitoring.

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