Release: Epion Health and CaerVision Partner in a $3.5 Million Tablet Initiative

Lebanon, NJ, July 19, 2012 – Epion Health announces a partnership with CaerVision to deploy tablets at the point of care.  CaerVision has allocated $3.5 million dollars to this initiative.  In the partnership, CaerVision funds the purchase of the tablets and the two companies collaborate on sales and marketing efforts.  In addition to the capital, this agreement leverages CaerVision’s network of more than 1,000 Health Care Providers.

At the announcement, Jack Zhang, CEO of CaerVision said, “As CaerVision embarks on a $3.5 million dollar effort to expand its Healthcare Digital Media Network by introducing state of the art tablets into healthcare offices around the country; we are excited to partner with Epion on this great endeavor.  Epion’s technology excels in usability and flexibility and greatly complements CaerVision’s network, bringing it to the next level.”

Epion’s CEO, Joe Blewitt added, “This partnership is significant for Epion.  The capital, infrastructure, experience and existing healthcare clients that CaerVision brings to the table will allow us to build-out very rapidly.  This is synergy at its best and a win for the health care community.  We’re leveraging the power of mobile to empower patients, increase efficiencies and drive down costs.”

About Epion Health

Epion Health deploys and manages mobile devices at the point of care.  These devices are used for patient education, health screening, check-in and fraud prevention.  Physicians also use Epion’s devices to access health information and pre-loaded medical apps such as drug references and dosage calculators, thus providing them with helpful resources to improve the delivery of care.

About CaerVision

Since 2006, CaerVision has provided digital media network with educational programming  to medical practices. CaerVision is fast becoming a leader in providing integrated patient engaging digital media with effective and measurable business results.

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