RepRegen’s Platform for Bone and Tissue Regeneration

spinal-xrayIn March, the Harvard Business Review named regenerative medicine as one of ten innovations that will transform medicine. The field of regenerative medicine has generated excitement for its potential to cure a host of diseases by growing new, healthy organs and tissue.

While the Review focused on stem cell technology as a means to regeneration, stem cell technology isn’t the only technique companies are using. RepRegen, formerly known as BioCeramic Therapeutics, is developing a repair and regeneration technology platform designed to mend and repair hard tissue such as bone and soft tissue such as cartilage. RepRegen‘s lead product, the StronBone bone graft substitute, is based on bioceramic technology that has been on the market for over 25 years. Bioactive glasses are biologically compatible materials used to fill voids in bone that are the result of disease or trauma. As the material dissolves over time, its components help the body form new bone. RepRegen modifies this material by adding strontium, an ingredient used in sensitivity-reducing toothpaste and orthopedic treatments. According to RepRegen, the addition of strontium changes the properties of the bioactive glass, creating a “smart” biological material designed to enhance cellular growth properties and promote faster, better healing. On June 1, the company announced positive data from an in vivo study of its StronBone bioactive glass product.

The company’s initial target is the orthopedics market. The worldwide market for orthopedic biomaterials is expected to more than double to $8.8 billion by 2012, driven by an aging Baby Boomer generation that desires to remain active in old age.

RepRegen is one of over 70 innovators presenting at the quickly approaching summer finance OneMedForum, being held June 29th and 30th in New York. Companies invited by the Forum’s Advisory Board are considered to posses breakthrough technologies based on strong science, experienced and well-rounded management teams with a proven track record, strong and comprehensive IP portfolios, and partnerships with leading academic institutions and strategic players. To learn more about the OneMedForum and see a list of presenting companies, please visit the

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