Risk Trends Among Financiers in Healthcare

Richard Day Research, a leading clinical research organization, is conducting an evaluation on risk trends among financiers in the healthcare field. The insights of leading investors are a critical part of assessing shifts in the healthcare landscape. To add your unique voice to this global study, please answer a few brief questions. You will be provided a copy of the results in appreciation of your participation.

All of your answers will be kept confidential. As an independent survey research organization, we maintain a strict privacy policy. Your personal information will never be revealed to the study sponsor. All results of this survey are reported in aggregate, and no results are reported that are composed of fewer than 25 respondents.

All personal contact information used to deliver your invitation to participate will be held separately from your responses to this survey. For more information, please read our privacy policy at rdresearch.com/privacy.

It is an interesting survey and requires about 10 minutes of your time. As an incentive, OneMedPlace is offering a $200 credit, which can be applied to any upcoming OneMedForum conference, including our July 12th OneMedForum  New York.

Conducted by Richard Day Research, this study combines the visions of the investment community about the path ahead for healthcare, with the opinions of Pharmaceutical and Managed Care executives, as well as patients, in a respected, prominent program.

To access the survey, please visit the website below.


To learn more about the survey, please visit http://www.rdresearch.com/Study2206

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