BioVeris Acquisition Underscores Importance of Diagnostics

Roche’s decision to acquire BioVeris for cheap jordans approximately $600 million, announced Wednesday and said to expand the Swiss firm’s presence in immunochemistry, underscores the growing role of diagnostic tests in today’s research environment. The immunodiagnostic and nucleic acid testing markets are estimated at $6 billion and $1.5 billion, respectively. Already a significant player in immunochemistry, Roche through the acquisition will dominate the market. It will gain the complete patent estate of the electrochemiluminescence technology deployed in its Elecsys product line, the fastest growing portfolio of cheap jordans Roche Diagnostics’ lab diagnostics business. This will effectively position Roche, as the advent of simple, affordable and more accurate diagnostic products continues to alter the environment in which tests are typically performed — from clinical reference and central hospital laboratories to decentralized patient care centers and point-of-care sites.

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