Scivanta Closes Book on Litigation

Scivanta Medical Corporation this air max 95 pas cher week saw the end of years-long litigation over exclusive rights to distribute Syntest, a hormone replacement therapy drug. The Spring Lake, NJ, firm received a final payment of $2.5 million from Syntho Group related to the settlement agreement entered into by Scivanta, Syntho Group and other related parties on November 22, 2006. Pursuant to the settlement agreement, Syntho Group agreed to pay Scivanta a total of $3.1 million (in addition to the $2.5 million that came through on Tuesday, $250,000 was paid in connection with execution of the agreement, and $300,000 was paid during the three month period following the agreement). With air max 95 pas cher money in its pocket, Scivanta plans to move forward with developing its Hickey Cardiac Monitoring System, a minimally-invasive two-balloon esophageal catheter system used to monitor cardiac performance.

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