SEC Advisory Board Co-Chair to Discuss JOBS Act

New York, NY – July 11th, 2012 – OneMedPlace has announced that Christine Jacobs, Co-Chair to the SEC Advisory Board on Small and Emerging companies, will discuss efforts by the SEC to address the challenges faced by small public companies at OneMedForum NY  2012 on July 12th.

At the 9 a.m. opening session at the Metropolitan Club, Ms. Jacobs will discuss with David Weild IV, former NASDAQ Vice Chairman, the range of issues being considered by the Advisory Board. The session will explore the impact of the JOBS Act on existing public companies and what, if anything, may be done so that markets can better support small public companies and their investors once they are public. As CEO of Theragenics, a small publicly health technology firm based in Georgia, Christine brings first-hand experience to the discussion.

The 3rd Annual OneMedForum NY, a business development and investment conference, is a gathering of investors and emerging growth companies in healthcare and life sciences.

“A major thrust of this year’s conference is the JOBS Act, which is the most sweeping securities legislation since in over 70 years,” said Brett Johnson, conference organizer, adding, “the rules by which companies raise capital are undergoing fundamental change.

According to research done by Grant Thornton, there has been a 43% decline in public listed companies over the last 14 years. Initial Public Offerings among growth companies have about vanished and the impact on US prosperity and job creation has been devastating, according to David Weild, who will also provide a keynote presentation at the OneMedForum kick-off reception at the New York Stock Exchange on July 11th.

“The extensive research done by Mr. Weild laid much of the foundation upon which the JOBS Act was passed,” Johnson said. “He has advanced the notion that empowering the issuer to control their “tick size” could eliminate the frictionless high frequency trading that resulted in outcomes like the flash crash, which have driven regular investors from investing in equities in the public markets,” said Johnson.

“We are pleased that Christine will join David Weild to discuss these ideas. The markets are broken. Weild and Jacobs have terrific insight. They understand what’s wrong. Weild has come up with solutions. I’d expect the SEC and lawmakers will give his ideas a serious look,” concluded Johnson.

For a full transcript of these panel sessions, contact OneMedPlace.

OneMedForum NY 2012, which features presentations by leading healthcare investors on major areas of opportunity, also features a small public company presentation track. These presentations are available on the OneMedPlace website, streaming live beginning at 9 a.m. For more information about presenting companies, panels and workshops, visit the OneMedForum website.

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