Second Sight Develops A Second Chance for the Blind

An implant designed to restore a degree of sight to people with advanced retinal degenerative diseases has been approved for sale in the European Economic Area (EEA).

The Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System was developed by Second Sight Medical Products, a US company whose European headquarters are in Lausanne, Switzerland.

After a clinical trial involving more than 30 blind patients, and a review of the product’s safety and performance by an independent expert body, the device is said to be the first approved treatment ever available for sightless people. The system converts images into a series of electrical pulses that are transmitted to an array of electrodes on the retina. These pulses then stimulate the retina’s cells, resulting in a degree of functional vision.

Robert Greenberg, managing director, president and chief executive officer of Second Sight said, “The CE Mark approval… represents a huge step forward for the field and for these patients who have, until now, had no proven treatment alternatives.

Many medical companies are looking forward to treating eye diseases, some of which include, Iridex, MacuCLEAR, Mystic Pharmaceuticals, Opthalmic Imaging Systems, and OptiMedica.

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