Sector Reports on Investment Opportunities in Health and Medicine Featured at 5th Annual OneMedForum

OneMedPlace announced today that OneMedForum San Francisco  2012 will feature special reports in 8 healthcare sectors: Diagnostics, Oncology, Urology, Orthopedics, Regenerative Medicine, Rnai, Infectious Diseases, and Neurology. These Sector Reports will showcase a broad overview of the significant scientific developments occurring in these fields and detail emerging companies.

“A key component to our annual conference is the expert panels on opportunities in important sectors of health and medicine” said Brett Johnson, CEO and Executive Editor of OneMedPlace. “We think that providing Sector Reports of our findings at the start of our panel sessions can create additional value for attendees. We polled investors from our past 6 conferences, active in each of these areas, to get their insights,” continued Johnson.

Sector Reports will provide insights on major areas of opportunity derived from expert interviews of leading investors and entrepreneurs conducted by OneMedRadio. The reports will also include emerging company summaries. Romulo Hurtado Ph.D, OMP Science Editor, will direct the project.

“We come across a tremendous range of promising technology and see hundreds of companies every month which are entered into our global database,” Dr. Hurtado said. “Therefore, we have a unique perspective to offer investors and business development attendees on what we are seeing and where the focus lies.”

Links to interview audio and transcripts will appear in OneMedSentinel weekly e-newsletter.  Highlights from these interviews and an expansive list of companies involved in each therapeutic area will be included in the Sector Reports for conference delegates. The findings will be presented at the conference and all attendees will receive a copy of each report, serving as a “mini directory.”

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