Sensimed Honored With Red Herring Award

Sensimed, a Swiss company focused on the design, development, and commercialization of integrated micro-systems for medical devices, has received the Red Herring 100 Europe 2009 Award. The award is given each year to the top 100 private technology companies in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Companies are evaluated using criteria such as financial data, quality of management, execution of strategy, and dedication to research and development. This year’s award winners were recognized at the Red Herring Europe 2009 Conference, held in Berlin from March 31-April 2. Red Herring unites innovative technology companies with investors and business decision makers via print publications, an online news service, and global events for technology leaders.

Sensimed’s premier product is Triggerfish, a non-invasive glaucoma solution designed to continuously monitor intraocular pressure for up to 24 hours. Glaucoma is a progressive disease that leads to blindness if appropriate treatment is not provided. Abnormal intraocular pressure, a known cause of the disease, behaves differently for each individual and varies significantly over a 24-hour period. Triggerfish is intended to help ophthalmologists diagnose glaucoma and tailor their treatment plans to changing conditions. The product is comprised of a soft, disposable contact lens that contains a sensor and microprocessor. An antenna taped around the eye receives the measurement information and sends it to a battery-powered recorder, which stores the data for later retrieval.

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