Sleep Studies Go Virtual

Cleveland Medical Devices announced yesterday that it recently conducted the cheap trainers uk first virtually attended sleep study using mobile broadband service from a subject’s home. A sleep technologist monitored the patient in real-time, from several miles away. The study was performed using CleveMed’s proprietary wireless technology and medical communication system to provide real-time transmission of polysomnography (PSG) data. The Crystal Monitor 20-B is a wireless 14 channel PSG system for cheap trainers uk diagnosing sleep-disordered breathing. Unlike sleep screeners that only collect a limited number of physiological signals, the Crystal Monitor 20-B is a complete PSG system that collects all of the relevant data needed for proper sleep diagnosis, including EEG, ECG, EMG, EOG, airflow, snore, thoracic and abdominal respiratory efforts, body position and pulse oximetry. Because CleveMed’s system works through the mobile phone broadband network, it does not exclude patients without Internet access.

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