Soft Tissue Regeneration’s First Bioengineered Matrix Successfully Implanted in 7 Patients

STRSoft Tissues Regeneration (STR) is a medical device company developing breakthrough tissue engineering technology for regeneration of soft tissues.

STR has developed the L-C-Ligament® device, a bio-resorbable scaffold that has been shown to have success in regenerating native Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) of the knee. STR has started a clinical trial in Europe for its ACL device and has successfully implanted the device in 7 patients as of October 2013.

STR believes that the L-C Ligament® may increase the number of reconstructions of the ACL performed as surgeons find the use of the L-C Ligament® to provide particular advantages in ease of use, and clinical safety from infection and disease.

STR is also leveraging its technology platform to develop a suite of complementary follow-on products, including the STR GRAFT™, an innovative device for soft tissue augmentation, repair of tendons and ligaments, and rotator cuff repair which received 510(k) clearance from the FDA.

Approximately 600,000 patients undergo rotator cuff surgery annually in the US, with up to 70% requiring repeat surgery. STR GRAFT™ was able to successfully address issues of strength, suture pull-through and surgical deployment issues which will serve to minimize re-do surgeries.

Also in STRs product pipeline is the development of a 3 dimensional braided surgical mesh for breast reconstruction and hernia repair.

To learn more about Soft Tissue Regeneration’s updates, be sure to attend the 7th Annual OneMedForum in San Francisco from January 13th -15th.

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