Implantable Surgical Mesh, Fascial Defects, Hernia Repair, Pelvic Wall Reconstruction.

Surgery, Urology.Company develops biological meshes for the repair of fascial defects, such as hernias. In fascial defects there is a break in the wall of the body cavity, and biological meshes serve to provide structural support and repair. The company has developed several biological meshes for treatment of different hernias, as well as pelvic wall reconstruction, and has also developed a mesh that promotes soft tissue regeneration. The company’s products can be used either independently or in conjunction with biological factors enabling cell development, such as cytokines and growth factors, to create an advanced tissue regeneration medium. The ventral hernia repair market is expected to rise to over $825 million over the next five years. Additionally, the United States currently spends over $10 billion per year on pelvic reconstructive surgery, a common consequence of prolapse in patients over sixty-five years of age. Founded: 2002.

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