Symphony Medical Raises $10 Million

Symphony Medical, a privately-held company developing novel biocompatible polymer therapies to treat chronic heart failure and atrial fibrillation has raised $10 million in a Series C Round.

The company plans to raise an additional $15 million in a Series C round in the first half of 2009. The additional capital will fund the completion of a European first-in-man clinical study for its novel heart failure therapy as well as a Phase II study in the U.S.

Symphony has developed a biocompatible polymer treatment to prevent or reverse the progression of chronic heart failure, a condition affecting over 5 million Americans. Symphony’s approach involves implants into the heart’s left ventricle wall to reshape the ventricle and reverse LV enlargement resulting in a lasting improvement of cardiac function.

Domain Associates, Johnson & Johnson Development Corp., Morgenthaler Ventures and Triathlon Medical Ventures participated in the latest round.

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