SyntheMed Receives Endorsement, New Patent

antiadhesionbarrier-smallREPEL-CV, a bioresorbable anti-adhesion barrier developed by biomaterials company SyntheMed, has received an endorsement from Kids with Heart National Association for Children’s Heart Disorders. REPEL-CV is approved for use in pediatric heart surgery to keep scar tissue from forming between the heart and sternum. Michelle L. Rintamaki, Director of Kids With Heart, stated, “We want to inform parents of children with congenital heart defects about this new surgical device that reduces the risks associated with adhesions during repeat open-heart surgical procedures.”

More good news for SyntheMed: On July 30, the Iselin, NJ-based company received a U.S. patent on its novel biopolymer technology. The materials covered by the patent can be delivered to difficult-to-reach sites in the body as a liquid via a syringe or a spray. The liquid becomes exposed to body temperature and turned into a resorbable, adherent gel. According to the company, the materials are particularly suited for use in spine and tendon surgery.

In June, REPEL-CV was nominated for the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Health Innovation Award in pediatrics. The award is presented annually to a medical device company demonstrating innovation in new product development.

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