SyntheMed REPEL-CV Receives Russian Approval

antiadhesionbarrier-smallSyntheMed, a biomaterials company engaged in the development of anti-adhesion products, announced that its REPEL-CV barrier has received approval from the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation for use in all patients who undergo open heart surgery. The product will be marketed in Russia by Cardiomedics Ltd, a distributor of cardiac products. REPEL-CV is a bioresorbable film that can be placed around the heart at the conclusion of cardiac surgery. It is designed to prevent the formation of adhesions, bands of scar tissue that form between organs. Adhesions can present long-term health risks and necessitate a second surgery to remove the scar tissue.

REPEL-CV is already approved for use in pediatric cardiac surgery in the U.S. It has CE Mark approval for use in all open-heart surgery patients in the European Union. In May, REPEL-CV was also approved in Australia for use in cardiac surgery.

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