The Greater Zurich Area AG To Sponsor Swiss Themed Reception at OneMedForum New York 2012

OneMedPlace is pleased to welcome The Greater Zurich Area AG as an anchor sponsor of OneMedForum New York 2012 and as the sponsor of OneMedForum’s Swiss themed reception the evening of July 12th. The Greater Zurich Area AG is responsible for promoting and marketing one of the world’s leading Life Sciences and MedTech hubs, a region that includes the cantons of Zurich, Schaffhausen, Schwyz, Solothurn, Glarus, Graubunden, and Zug, and the cities of Winterthur and Zurich.

OneMedForum NY 2012, a Trans-Atlantic Conference, is a gathering of fast-growing and emerging healthcare and life science companies in Europe and North America. The conference will be held July 11-12, 2012 at the prestigious Metropolitan Club in New York City.

Hosted for the third time in New York, OneMedForum NY 2012 will focus on  some of the most promising and disruptive new technologies in med- and biotech.  In addition, industry thought leaders will share strategic insights and investment ideas with attendees from Europe and the United States.

“GZA representatives look forward to meeting participating companies, and to providing information about Switzerland and the Greater Zurich Area as a leading business location for emerging biotech and medical technology companies,” said Christoph Besmer, Executive Director of North America, Greater Zurich Area AG.

The Greater Zurich Area is Switzerland’s economic engine, and enjoys a strong presence of international companies. Local companies profit from a remarkably favorable combination of prime location factors including outstanding infrastructure, attractive taxation models, easy recruitment of skilled and productive workers, access to leading academic and research institutions, and exposure to key technologies of the future. Coupled with a quality of life that is unmatched worldwide, the Greater Zurich Area has proven to be a highly competitive business location for companies in the life sciences, pharma, med- and biotech sectors.

The Greater Zurich Area is the seat of the Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX), one of the most international exchanges in Europe, with more than 15 percent of listed companies foreign in origin, many of which are from the United States. Approximately 40 percent of the overall European life sciences market capitalization is listed in Switzerland. Favorable IP protection and a stable and solid currency are two advantages the Swiss biotech market uses to attract foreign business, according to Marco Estermann, Head Issuer Relations at SIX Swiss Exchange.

Switzerland is also among the top 20 countries experiencing steady growth in the number of domestic Private Equity and Venture Capital funds, as well as deal flow since 2002. Pharma and medtech together comprise 4% of GNP, and it is estimated that Swiss biotech companies, many of them located in the Greater Zurich Area, raised over CHF 255m in new financing in 2009. According to the Swiss Biotech Report, Switzerland is home to 249 biotech companies, 75% of which are core biotech companies with substantive research programs, and the remaining quarter a strong base of biotech suppliers.

Switzerland and the Greater Zurich Area, with its financial center of Zurich, offer a diverse investor base, including a deep pool of institutional investors as well as private funding.  Furthermore, the Swiss government mandates a significant amount of grant money for early-stage biotech development. Approximately CHF 700 million in funding is held by the Swiss National Science Foundation to support over 3,400 research projects, according to foundation records.

In the Greater Zurich Area, it is widely believed that convergence in the healthcare sector and internationalization is a continuing trend. “Greater Zurich Area AG is pleased to act as anchor sponsor of OneMedForum NY 2012 because of OMP’s dedication to the discovery of ideas and innovations that will shape the future of healthcare,” Besmer said.

At OneMedForum NY 2012, the Greater Zurich Area AG will be hosting its own workshop focusing on the region’s strengths in tax, talent, world-class R&D, and IP management. A raffle for Swiss Rail tickets, Swiss chocolate, and more will be served as a special treat.

“The Swiss connection is really a sensible one for us. Our mission is to aggregate globally the best ideas and innovations. Switzerland has been a technological leader in medtech,” said Brett Johnson, Founder and CEO of OneMedPlace.

For investors, understanding the major trends and gaining access to most promising emerging companies is key to long term and significant returns on investment. To this end, OneMedForum NY 2012 will present over 50 of the most promising investment opportunities from around the world.



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