The Magazine For Decision Makers in a Global Industry Launches in NYC

New Pharma Magazine celebrated the launch of the first edition in New York City last week by partnering with the Drug Chemical and Associated Technologies Association (DCAT) for one of the world’s largest gatherings for the pharmaceutical and related industries in the world. DCAT Week’s unique model brings industry CEO’s, presidents, global sales managers and directors of supply chain management from around the globe for high-level meetings, strategy sessions, education programs and networking events. This event made a fantastic platform for New Pharma to launch from.

The official launch party was held at The W Hotel New York on Wednesday March 14th and was sponsored by organizations such as WSGR Professional Corporation  and Generic Pharma 2.0.

Of the exclusive invitations extended, leaders in the industry such as Ed Borkowski (former CFO Mylan), Markku Huhta-Koivisto (Senior VP-Orion Pharma) & a multitude of other professionals representing organizations such as Deloitte, Ranbaxy, Patheon, Genzum, Farmalider & Boehringer Ingelheim, were in attendance.

About New Pharma Magazine:

New Pharma is a pharmaceutical magazine like no other, with exclusive content specializing in Generics, Otc, Biosimilar and Animal Health. Key topics include strategy, marketing, technology, business culture, law and emerging markets. New Pharma Magazine is not a science journal and is focused on engaging readers on a corporate level, in terms of strategy and direction of the industry over all.

“New Pharma is an exciting new publication that reflects the need for strategic thinking in a changing industry” – Ed Borkowski, former CFO Mylan

New Pharma Magazine is available in print and digital. You can subscribe FOR FREE on the newly launched website and gain access to premium content, industry events, news and partners.

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