Twitter’s Top 10 Healthcare Journalists To Follow

Healthcare issues are widely reported across an array of mediums. These reports influence investors, doctors, the general public, and the government. Journalists in the space are dedicated to advancing public understanding of health care technologies, issues, and advancements in any one area.



Below, we list the top ten healthcare journalists on Twitter improving the quality, accuracy and visibility of health care reporting and writing.


Matthew Herper – @matthewherper: Forbes reporter covering science and medicine – 15,838 followers. Matthew is the Senior Editor at Forbes, with coverage on science and medicine.

I’m really proud of the work I’ve done writing about the human genome – an area that is now heating up again...I truly respect the fact that many things in medicine, and biology, are uncertain and unknown.”



Adam Feuerstein – @adamfeuerstein: Sr. Columnist at TheStreet, covering biotech/drug stocks – 14,936 followers

Adam has worked for TheStreet since 2001, covering biotechnology and drug stocks as the Senior Columnist.




Jonathan Eisen – @phylogenomics: Biologist & blogger w/ evolution microbes & genomes focus – 10,583 followers

As a professor at U.C. Davis, Jonathan is a strong advocate of the Open Access movement in scientific publishing and is Academica Editor in Chief of PLoS Biology. He earned his Ph.D. in 1998 in Biological Sciences from Stanford University, where he worked on the evolution of DNA repair processes in the lab of Philip C. Hanawalt.  He earned his undergraduate degree in Biology from Harvard College in 1990.


Ben Hirschler – @reutersBenHir: Pharma, health and science correspondent for Reuters in London – 6,397 followers

“Ben Hirschler is European pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and healthcare correspondent, based in London. Previously, he was in charge of British company news and before that was posted to Johannesburg, covering the economic challenges facing post-apartheid South Africa.”



Josh Berlin – @BioPharmaToday: Exec Editor w/Elsevier, publisher of The Pink Sheet, IN VIVO and PharmAsia News – 5,435 Followers

Josh is an executive editor and director of business development at Elsevier Business Intelligence, with an expertise in developing biopharma and medical device publications within emerging markets.



Luke Timmerman – @ldtimmerman: National Biotechnology Editor, Xconomy – 5,407 followers

Luke is a distinguished journalist in the life sciences industry. Before working for Xconomy he worked as the national biotechnology reporter for Bloomberg News where he reported on many major biotech companies.




John Carroll – @JohnCFierce: John Carroll is editor of FierceBiotech, where he primarily covers drug development and has for the past eight years – 4,689 followers

John has been working as editor for Fierce Biotech since 2003, giving him 32 years of experience in journalism. As a biotech analyst, he has reported on many different aspects of the life sciences industry. Appointed editor of FierceBiotech in 2003, he has covered genomics, biotechnology, and other business topics.



Dominic Tyer – @Dominic_Tyer: Editor and journalist specializing in pharma, biotech & healthcare – 3,014 followers

As an editor and journalist, Dominic specializes in pharma, biotech, & healthcare., and is currently the managing editor for PMGroup Worlwide Ltd.




Robert Wright – @RfwrightLSL: Rob Wright is the Chief Editor-Life Science Leader magazine Write/blog about the bio/pharma industry and leadership stuff – 2,472 followers

Rob is the chief editor of Life Science Leader Magazine, reporting on content in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.



Ron Leuty – @rleuty_biotech: Biotech reporter, San Francisco Business Times – 2,188 followers

Ron is currently a reporter for the San Francisco Business Times, covering biotech, education, and China.





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