Vicor Technologies Inc™ Changes Board of Directors

Vicor Technologies™, a biotechnology company based out of Boca Raton, recently announced a change in their Board of Directors. On November 16th of this year, it was publicly released that two new Class III directors have been elected and one previous director has been reelected. Joseph C. Franchetti, a former director, has been elected for another three year term as a Class III director, and Frank Wheeler and Ronald A. Malone have newly also been elected for a three year term as Class III directors.

Frank Wheeler, the first of the two new directors, is probably best known for his work as an international Ambassador. He has served as the British Ambassador to Chile and Ecuador, as a foreign policy adviser on East-West affairs and Middle East issues, and has even served as Charge d’Affairs in Czechoslovakia. He is currently serving in London as the chairman of the British-Chilean Chamber of Commerce, and served for 35 years as a member of the British Diplomatic Service until his retirement in 1997.

Ronald A. Malone, the latter of the new directors, served as the CEO of Gentiva Health Services, Inc™, the leading provider of home healthcare services in the US, for over six years, and is still currently the Chairman of the Board for Gentiva™. He has been serving as chairman for over eight years. Gentiva Health Services, Inc™ is the leading provider of home healthcare services in the United States. His experience in home healthcare is not limited to Gentiva Health Services, Inc™, as before serving Gentiva™, he held various executive positions with Olsten Corporation™, which happens to be the leading provider of home healthcare and related services in all of North America, as well as being a leader in staffing services. Mr. Malone still serves on the Board of Directors of Hill-Rom Holdings Inc™, a worldwide manufacturer of medical technologies, as well as Capital Senior Living™ corporation, which specializes in being an operator of senior living communities.

The third director, Joseph C. Franchetti, is currently vice chairman of CVAC Health Systems Inc.™, and has worked as an advisor, director, and consultant to many healthcare/medical device companies specializing in cardiology, including 31 start-up companies. Previously, he has served as president and CEO of Colin Medical Instruments Corp™ (now known as Omron™), which happens to be a Japanese-owned leader in noninvasive blood pressure and physiological/vital signs monitoring as well as diagnosing. He has also co-founded Bio-Chem Laboratory Systems Inc.™, and has been corporate and international vice president for Technicon™ (now known as Siemens™), as well as Narco Scientific™ (now known as Respironics™). In addition to this, he is a commissioned Officer for the U.S. Army Infantry.

Vicor™ is biotechnology company which specializes in creating new and non-invasive diagnostics utilizing its patented proprietary point correlation dimension algorithm known as PD2i®, which can accurately predict potential pathological events in target demographics using a deterministic, nonlinear measure of electrophysiological potentials. Three products currently utilize the PD2i® technology. The first, the PD2i Analyzer™, which has FDA 510(k) marketing clearance, is designed to measure heart rate variability. The PD2i VS™ (Vital Sign) is used to stratify combat and civilian trauma victims. The PD2i VS™ is currently in clinical trials, and is a collaborative effort with the U.S. Army Institute for Surgical Research. The third device is the PD2i CA™ (Cardiac Analyzer), which identifies patients at risk for cardiac death. It is currently undergoing multiple clinical trials.

Vicor intends to create additional applications for employing the PD2i® nonlinear algorhithm, hoping to enable early detection for a multitude of other disorders and diseases.

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