[Video] Interview with Tom Steinke, CEO and Founder of Minnow Medical

This interview with Tom Steinke of Minnow Medical was filmed back in September at AdvaMed 2007.

Minnow’s first product is designed to treat peripheral artery disease (PAD). It is estimated that 12 million Americans have PAD – a condition that results in limb loss for 150,000 Americans each year.

Through the use of a proprietary process called Guided Re-Shaping Technology, Minnow takes advantage of the differing electromagnetic properties of healthy and atherosclerotic tissue, and targets diseased tissue.

The novel design of the probe allows for pre-treatment diagnosis via a 360° scan of the arterial wall, immediately followed by molecular excitation of atherosclerotic tissue. Plaque shrinks instantly and the artery lumen is opened to increased blood flow. Further lumen opening is expected through the body’s natural recovery process. The procedure is completed within a matter of seconds. The catheter can then be repositioned to another site of atherosclerotic disease for treatment.

In May, 2004 Minnow closed a round of financing by a group of private investors. The company is currently focused on pre-clinical studies. As the technology will be initially focused on the legs, it will likely require only 510(k) approval by the FDA for introduction into the U.S. market.

Before Minnow Medical, Steinke was the Founder and CEO of REVA Medical in San Diego, a resorbable stent company now associated with Boston Scientific. Mr. Steinke also has developed new products for Medtronic and Guidant. At Medtronic, he created and ran the Rapid Exchange Catheter Group. At Guidant he developed a variety of angioplasty catheters and received the “Outstanding Achievement” award.

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