[Video Profile] Arterial Remodeling Technologies

Arterial Remodeling Technologies (ART) is developing bioresorbable peripheral and coronary polymer stents that promote the natural remodeling of an injured artery after angioplasty.

ART’s bioresorbable stents provide the requisite mechanical scaffolding to resist initial recoil . Because of their polylactic acid makeup, the stent dismantles over an optimized time horizon.

The temporary stenting of a traumatized angioplasty site could have distinct advantages over drug-eluting stents, the current standard of care. Temporary stenting prevents acute and chronic recoil but allows healing and arterial remodeling to proceed more naturally.

The ART platform offers the added benefit of total disappearance over time (one to two years, or less, if needed) in a safe manner. The stent gradually dismantles into lactic acid molecules, which are carried away via natural biochemical pathways. Arterial walls remodel naturally, adjusting their size for optimal blood flow.

ART has established proof-of-concept with preclinical implantation studies in iliac and coronary models that can be applied and adapted to a wide variety of stent designs.

The company has raised $14.2 million from venture capital firms Matignon Technologies and SGAM Alternative Investments.

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