[Video Profile] CoreSpine Technologies

CoreSpine Technologies is a Minneapolis, MN-based orthopedics company developing a device to prepare the spinal disc space prior to surgery.

The company’s platform removes material from the lumbar disc space to prepare the area for artificial nucleus replacement or other minimally invasive fusion devices. It’s important to remove cartilage and nucleus between discs before implanting surgery to better the odds of operational success.

The goal of CoreSpine’s proprietary technology is to meet the specific preparation requirements of both current and emerging implant technologies, including tissue sparing, motion preserving and minimally invasive techniques.. The development of CoreSpine’s initial prototype concentrated on generating a complete and selective nucleus removal device. This technology was recently expanded to incorporate a cartilage removal device for endplate preparation.

To date, CoreSpine has raised less than $1 million in seed capital and will seek venture financing in early 2009. In 2005, $85.9 billion was spent on spine-related back pain in the U.S.

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