[Video Profile] eCardio Diagnostics

Identifying a cardiac arrhythmia is an important first step in diagnosing a potentially life-threatening heart condition. Texas-based eCardio Diagnostics, a leading provider of digital holter monitors, seeks to improve the speed and accuracy of this process. Their monitors contain an algorithm that automatically detects and records events such as atrial fibrillation, arrhythmia, and tachycardia. Data is uploaded to a secure web portal and analyzed at the company’s 24-hour diagnostic facility, which sends a report back to the physician within one day. ECardio’s devices are comprised of a single unit, and their small size increases the likelihood of patient compliance during the monitoring process.

The company recently launched eVolution, a device that automatically records cardiac events and transmits them to a 24-hour monitoring center. The device offers real-time data analysis and the ability to customize its parameters to specific patient requirements. The company is hoping to branch out into other forms of monitoring, including neural and diabetes monitoring.

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