[Video Profile] Interview with Joseph Galli, President & CEO of Haemacure

Haemacure is developing human biological adhesives, hemostats and therapeutic proteins. The company’s research and development efforts are driven by a proprietary plasma protein extraction process.

Haemacure’s product development activities focus on surgical hemostats, wound management, drug delivery in select therapeutic areas, regenerative medicine, adhesion prevention and combination with biomaterials.

The company’s lead product candidate, Hemaseel HMN, is a human-derived fibrin sealant planned to enter pivotal Phase II/III clinical trials during Q1 2009. Haemacure’s second product candidate is an active hemostat now in preclinical stage, consisting of human thrombin, a component of its fibrin sealant.

Haemacure sells two fibrin sealant delivery devices that are cleared by the FDA. Second quarter revenues of $28,368 were derived from the sale of these legacy fibrin sealant application devices. In the most recent quarter, operating expenses were $2.5 million, compared to $1.3 million for the same quarter last year.

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