[Video Profile] Interview with Terrance Gregg, President & CEO of DexCom

DexCom is developing a short term continuous glucose monitor for people with diabetes.

The Seven System’s probe-like sensor is inserted by the user under the skin and is held in place by an adhesive. Once inserted, the Sensor begins continuously monitoring glucose. The Transmitter sends the glucose signal from the Sensor and wirelessly transmits the data to the hand-held Receiver. The Receiver processes the glucose signal and, with the push of a button, displays the user’s current glucose value, as well as 1-hr, 3-hr, and 9-hr trends. The Receiver also sounds an alert when a high or low glucose excursion is detected.

Clinical research has demonstrated that users show statistically significant improvements in glycemic profiles with no guidance or therapeutic adjustments from physicians. Users were able to reduce time spent hyperglycemic and hypoglycemic, while simultaneously increasing time spent in their target glucose range.

In addition to his role as President & CEO of DexCom, Terrance Gregg is a Special Venture Partner with Galen-Partners, a private equity firm specializing in the healthcare industry.

Mr. Gregg served as the 2003-2004 Chair of the Research Foundation Board of the American Diabetes Association and serves on the boards of Vasogen, Inc., and LMS Medical Systems. In 2002 he retired as President of Medtronic MiniMed, a world leader in diabetes management systems.

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