Wafergen’s Smartchip Mydesign Genomic Technology to be Employed by Procter & Gamble

Wafergen Biosystems and Procter & Gamble recently announced their industrial partnership that involves the latter utilizing the former’s specialized quantitative PCR System namely SmartChip MyDesign. Proctor & Gamble will make use of Wafergen’s product for researches involving Gene Extraction among many others.

Procter & Gamble have been reported to look at other similar technologies but it is WaferGen’s product that stood out for them and got chosen. This partnership can be implied as a further proof of SmartChip MyDesign’s superiority as a technological product. Among its key advantages that made it stand out above the other similar technology on Procter & Gamble’s considerations list is its user-friendly and easy to configure interface. This technology also has the convenient feature of efficient presentation of its analysis in the customers’ own laboratories.

In a statement made by the President and CEO of Wafergen Biosystems Ivan Trifunovich, he expressed their pride about the partnership and further promoted the benefits that their product can provide to Procter & Gamble.  As mentioned on a press release published on their website, WaferGen enumerated qualities such as “best-in-class flexibility, high levels of sensitivity without the need for pre-amplification and a very low cost per reaction” to be top factors that makes SmartChip one of the finest quantitative PCR systems in the market today.

In an earlier announcement, Wafergen has informed the public regarding the success of its proof-of-concept undertaking regarding Single Cell analysis with the use of the SmartChip technology. By 2nd quarter of 2015, Wafergen is set to offer Early Access program in line with this proof-of-concept study.


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