GlySure Develops a Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

GlySure Limited is a privately held company that has developed The GlySure System, a continuous intravascular glucose monitoring system to meet the worldwide demand for implementation of Tight Glycemic Control (TGC) / Intensive Insulin Therapy. The system uses a proprietary reversible fluorescent chemistry that allows real-time, continuous monitoring of blood glucose levels.

TGC requires constant monitoring of the patient’s glucose levels which to date has relied on inefficient, labour intensive and costly manual intervention by nursing staff. GlySure has automated this process by developing an intravascular sensor capable of continuously monitoring a patient’s glucose for the length of their stay in the ICU.

“Clinicians have found it very difficult to implement TGC because of the workload involved in the frequent blood glucose testing required to achieve tight control,” says CEO, Chris Jones, “Glucose has a U-shaped mortality curve, with an extremely narrow target range and a very severe penalty for dropping into the hypoglycemic range. Moreover, many patients in the ICU often have an elevated glucose level whether they are diabetic or not, in particular patients coming out of cardiac surgery.”

The product is comprised of two main parts, a monitor and a sterile disposable set
(which includes a fiber-optic sensor and integrated calibration module). The sensor interfaces with the patient’s pre-existing intravascular line without disrupting the clinician’s ability to monitor pressure, draw blood or administer medication through those lines. The GlySure System allows fast, easy, non-disruptive set-up, which works with existing supplies and requires minimal maintenance throughout the length of patient stay.

The sensor contains a fluorescent indicator chemistry, which produces a signal that is proportional to the glucose concentration in the patient’s blood. It is a sterile single-use device. Its fluorophore-receptor indicator chemistry is patent protected and under exclusive worldwide license to GlySure.

Clinical Data

Clinical studies have shown that carefully managing TGC of patients in Intensive Care Units (ICUs) significantly reduces patient mortality, morbidity, and the length and cost of their stay.

Experienced medtech investors believed that the GlySure team could develop the technology needed to realize this $1 billion market. Having successfully demonstrated the ability to continuously monitor glucose levels for the length of stay in ICU patients, GlySure is now rapidly preparing for regulatory trials in both the US and Europe.

GlySure will be presenting its products and technologies at OneMedForum SF 2012, on January 9 – 12.

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